Terms and Conditions

Purchase order terms and conditions. By accepting this PO, the supplier agrees to all terms and conditions listed here.

Make complete per specified customer MOT. Comply to customer requirements and specifications. Ensure current specification revision is correct and up to date. Any new specification changes must be implemented within sixty (60) days of specification revision date. All applicable certs, detailed inspection plans (DIP’s) , and cert of conformance’s (C of C’s) to be sent with each shipment. Foundries must comply with first article inspection report (FAIR) requirements; A new FAIR for revision changes, tool re-work, updates, frequency exceeding casting tool life, or two (2) year lapse out of production. Foundries are responsible for providing frequency of required casting. A new FAIR must be provided with certification packet, if required. Supplier to ship specified quantity requested; Any over shipments must be pre-approved by Uni-Tek, any shortages must be reported and acknowledged by Uni-Tek prior to shipment. Supplier is required to meet on-time delivery of products and service as agreed upon in confirmed PO. If there is a discrepancy with PO date, Uni-Tek must be notified and confirm revised date. Casting suppliers to furnish status reports to Uni-Tek as requested. No early receipt of castings will be acknowledged until three (3) manufacturing days prior to the delivery date, unless pre-approved by Uni-Tek. Net payment terms will be based on this policy. Quotes and PO confirmations will acknowledge agreed upon/ Contract price. Invoices will reflect this information and be paid upon price given unless otherwise approved by Uni-Tek in written documentation.

Purchasing info:
Supplier acknowledges Uni-Tek’s right of access to its facilities, product, and/or relevant quality records at any time, by Uni-Tek, its customer, or regulatory authorities, to all facilities involved in the order and to all applicable records and requirements. If applicable, suppliers retaining Uni-Tek’s customer owned property, are to report lost, damaged, or otherwise found unsuitable for use property. Supplier required to practice and flow down to sub-tier/external supplier’s applicable requirements as well as customer requirements, including process control and key characteristics. Supplier to retain documented information, including retention periods and disposition requirements. Supplier to identify revision level of all specifications, drawings, process requirements, and other relevant technical data on certs and C of C’s. Supplier must notify Uni-Tek of any nonconforming processes, products/parts, or services; Uni-Tek must provide a disposition in such case, before supplier can proceed with PO requirement. Supplier to notify Uni-Tek of any changes in product, processes, or services, including changes to sub-tier/external suppliers; Uni-Tek must provide documented approval before proceeding with PO requirement. Supplier to notify Uni-Tek of management/ownership/designated representative changes, temporary or permanent facility changes affecting the current location, and company name changes. Supplier agrees to test specimens (e.g. Production methods) for inspection, investigation, or auditing.

Supplier must meet the requirements for approval of product, process and equipment qualification of personnel, and quality management systems by Uni-Tek. Supplier is required to prevent the use of counterfeit materiel and parts, assure traceability of parts and components to their original or authorized manufacturers, maintain suitability of parts and materials used in the product. Supplier is required to have a FOD (foreign object damage) prevention program in accordance with AS9146, NAS412, Honeywell SPOC 418, Boeing D6-85622, or similar. Supplier shall ensure that all foreign objects and any subsequent foreign object damage is eliminated from all parts prior to shipment. Customer specific requirements may be flowed down by specific purchase order provisions. Supplier is required to properly handle, package, and practice preservation as required per material/part requirements. Supplier must ensure that supplier employees are aware of their contribution to the product or service conformity, their contribution to personal and product safety, and the importance of ethical behavior. Supplier must meet requirements for test, inspection, examination, and related instructions for acceptance by Uni-Tek. Supplier to acknowledge purchase order for confirmation.